Better Than Your Average Cup of Joe

My recent spring break adventures landed me in Miami. Particularly to this authentic Cuban restaurant. One thing about me is that if I don’t get coffee in my body first thing, I get a migraine–talk about a dependency. My friend was raving about this special coffee she saw on Kourtney and Kim take Miami and I figured what the heck I need to try this.

It’s called a Cortadito–an espresso shot with steamed milk and sweetened with sugar. Simple but utterly delicious. It came in a tiny cup (which was unfortunate because I really wanted a vat of it) and I made sure I got every last drop. Too bad I had that on my last day in Miami, otherwise that would have been a daily purchase for me.


This heavenly drink goes well with all sorts of breakfast foods. The sweetness of the espresso seemed to pair ever so nicely with my authentic Cuban breakfast of fried plantains (which I’ll save my love for those for a later post), eggs, Cuban toast, and home fries–but I can only imagine it would compliment any breakfast food whether it be french toast, eggs, or pancakes.


If you haven’t tried this simple yet spectacular drink you must! I want to find a place in Boston that sells them, so if anyone knows of a place PLEASE let me know (because I will literally buy a vat). Try it with any breakfast food and I promise you won’t be disappointed. But until next time, keep eating!


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