Food Truck Mania

Food trucks are one of the best ideas ever. Let’s take some great food, put it on wheels, and park and serve food through a window. It’s awesome. That’s one of the advantages of living in a city and going to such a large university—there are food trucks EVERYWHERE. Most of them come on different days and at different times, so there is always a new one to try. It’s quick and easy and you can grab it on the go.

My favorite food truck has to be the Taco Truck. It’s bright orange, which helps grab attention (it caught mine without a doubt). I tried their pescado taco, which included crispy catfish, shredded red cabbage, pico de gallo, chipotle salsa, and a mexican spiced tartar sauce served on a flour tortilla. It was incredible. My favorite part was the crispy, battered cod mixed with that chipotle salsa and tartar sauce—it was almost similar to fish and chips (without the chips).  There are so many other options if fish isn’t your thing. Try the pollo asado (chicken tacos) or the carnitas michoacan (sweet port tacos) and you won’t be disappointed. Their website is awesome too, you simply enter in your zip code and up pops locations near you (they are currently only in NJ, NY, and MA…but are growing!)

ImageAnother food truck I love is the Paris Creperie. Who doesn’t love a good crepe? I’ve actually only been to the restaurant—I never seem to make the times when the truck is on campus. BUT they serve the same crepes as they do in the store. Their ‘you be the chef’ option on the menu let’s you create your own crepe that suites your palate—talk about cool.

If you haven’t had the awesome experience of ordering from a food truck, you should most definitely add it to your bucket list! I don’t know how they manage to cook such great food from the back of a truck but they sure do know what they’re doing. But until next time, keep eating!


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