A Global Gallery of a World of Food

Normally you would see a post about my favorite recipe or restaurant this week but this is something I wanted to switch it up for.
Instagramers Gallery. The largest digital photography gallery with a really cool background story. It was started by two Spanish creative professionals, with backgrounds in both tech and art, who wanted to change the world of digital photography and sharing. They launched a trilogy of projects to spread the movement: one being a physical Instagramers Gallery in Miami, two a $1000 daily prize that will be awarded for the most favored pic, and three, a grand prize of $100,000 (the largest photography prize to date) that will be awarded to a lucky individual in the Spring of 2014.
Here’s the photo I posted–I’m dreaming it wins (fingers crossed!)
This is an awesome opportunity for my fellow foodies to flaunt off your fantastic food, whether it’s a meal you cooked or an amazing meal at a restaurant. Share it, you have nothing to lose!
It’s so easy to sign up PLUS you have a chance to win some cash (shopping spree anyone?!).

This is the world’s first museum to grow from a social network and to have both digital and physical editions–and you can be a part of it! But until next time, keep eating (and sharing those photos)!


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