The Social Diet

I, for one, am guilty of stress eating, eating when I’m bored, honestly you name it. Plain and simple, I overeat. So when I saw that Cooking Light had a huge section on “How Cooking Light Staffers Lost 128 Pounds and Got Moving on the Social Diet,” I was like bingo that’s what I need.

As I was reading the article, I came across many kernels of wisdom but one in particularly really hit home. ‘Sleep.’ It’s the most important thing when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That is something I definitely don’t get enough of. I’ve noticed that when I’m tired I CRAVE sugar (there aren’t enough donuts in the world to satisfy my need). While I absolutely love the occasional indulgence, it starts to become a problem when it’s every day. (The social diet was starting to look really good right about now.)
The best way to get motivated is to enlist friends. Here are a few tips, I found most interesting and helpful, when it comes to building your own social diet:
  1. Find a group of motivated peers
  2. Establish your personal daily calorie limit and weight goals
  3. Let members be flexible with goals
  4. As a group, select a calorie-tracking app that allows every one to communicate and support each other
  5. Focus on overall nutrition (this step is so key!)

I’ve decided I’m going to give the social diet a try, and it’s all thanks to this story. If anyone has any tips or tricks of the trade when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I’d love to hear them! But until next time, keep eating (healthy and nutritious food!)


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