5 Cooking Tricks of the Trade (that I bet you didn’t know!)

I love learning unique tips when it comes to cooking. It’s the simple things that might not seem like a big deal but can literally change the way you’re food tastes. Below are some fabulous and extremely useful tricks of the trade from Cooking Light (I bet some of them will blow your mind):
1. Timing of brushing BBQ sauce is absolutely critical–if you slather too early you’ll get a veil of char and if you slather too late you won’t get the savory flavor from just the right amount of char.TIP: Brush sauce on in the last two minutes.
2. Preheat your pans before roasting your vegetables. If you heat them before you’ll get less sticking and better browning (particularly with summer veggies).
3. Slice onions vertically. Pieces of vertically sliced onion hold their shape better when cooked while horizontal cuts can become a pile of brown mush.
4. Wax paper is a no-no for baking, but a yes for when it comes to separating food. The wax holds moisture in and helps keeps your goodies from going stale.
5. Don’t store tomatoes in the refrigerator–the cold damages the membranes in tomato cell walls, bruising the flesh and compromising both the taste and texture.
Would love to hear of any other unique/quirky tricks that you may know of! But until next time, keep eating!

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