NYC’s Island Burgers

If you love a good burger, this is the place to go. Island Burger, in Hell’s Kitchen, has a menu the size of 39 inch flat screen TV (ok maybe not that large but you’ll see once you go) with every possible burger combination you could ever imagine.
The atmosphere of the restaurant fits perfectly with the food they serve. There is a small bar with craft beers on tap and the walls are covered with exposed brick with one wall covered by a giant chalkboard. It’s small yet you don’t fee cramped.
ImageWe sat at the bar and immediately ordered chips and chili. YUM. We devoured it in seconds. Then it was on to chili cheese fries and our burgers. I opted for the Bourbon Street–a blackened burger with bacon, jack, bayou mayo, and sauteed onions on sourdough bread. I would never think to have a burger on sourdough but let me just tell you it worked.
Despite my burger being the size of my face, it didn’t stop me from devouring the entire thing. If you’re ever craving a burger, you need to visit Island Burgers (and if you’re feeling to lazy to leave your apartment, they deliver! *probably something I was better off not knowing). But until next time, keep eating!