This Pizza Doesn’t Come From the Oven

…it comes straight off the grill. And if you’ve never had a grilled pizza, you need to finish reading this blog and go straight outside to your deck or patio and fire up that grill. This is a to-die-for recipe that is incredibly simple. And once you’ve gone grilled, you’ll never go back. It all starts with pizza dough, the rest is up to you. I made two different versions, both are from Rachael Ray, one is a peach, brie and bacon (I swapped out the bacon for pancetta), and the other is zucchini, goat cheese and lemon. And for those of you worried about the time factor in rising and rolling out pizza dough, not to worry—I bought fresh made dough in my local supermarket and it worked like a dream. Here’s how to get the thrill of the grill:


Preheat your gas grill to medium-high (you charcoal Weber lovers are on your own). Take a store-bought pizza dough and cut it in half; roll it out thin (here’s a helpful hint: put your dough on a greased cookie sheet. You’ll want to put the cookie sheet directly on the grill to start, after a few minutes you can easily flip the dough over on the sheet. If you try to put it directly onto the grill itself, it will stick. Once you’ve put the dough on the cookie sheet, you can start to build your pizzas.

For the peach, brie and bacon pizza you’ll want to top the dough with sliced peaches and grill for about 10 minutes. Add the brie and grill until the cheese starts to melt—remove from the grill and sprinkle with the cooked pancetta (I swapped this in for bacon) and top it off with a balsamic glaze. One pizza down, one more to go.

For the zucchini, goat cheese, and lemon pizza you’ll want to top the dough with zucchini (I’m not a fan of raw zucchini, so I sauteed mine first) and goat cheese, and grill for about ten minutes. Sprinkle with lemon zest and grill for another two minutes. Remove from the grill and top with salt, pepper, and some additional lemon zest. Voila! Two amazingly delicious grilled pizzas.

Grilled pizza is in a category all its own. I fell in love the second I took a bite of both pizzas. The best thing is is that you can customize the toppings to anything you want (and there is virtually no clean up since you used a grill!).  Try this recipe out, and let me know the creative toppings you chose. But until next time, keep eating!


What’s for Dinner? Homemade Pizza

If you’re ever looking for a quick, easy meal, homemade pizza is your savior. Most grocery stores sell pre-made dough (I would love to learn how to make dough but it’s not very practical in a college dorm), and then pick up some cheese and whatever toppings you’re in the mood for and you’re good to go!

My friend and I were craving veggie pizza, so we practically sprinted to Shaw’s to pick up the ingredients (since it was raining and incredibly windy outside). We bought eggplant, red peppers, shredded mozzarella, tomato, and shallots–but if veggies don’t appeal to you, you can add whatever you want (try some pepperoni if you’re a meat lover, or different kinds of cheeses if you simply can’t get enough cheese). Buy any type of sauce–if you want to be adventurous, try a spicy sauce or even a white sauce! One of  the best things about pre-made dough is that it only takes about 15 minutes to cook–which was perfect because we were starving (a video of our food-making process will be in my next post).

And, since the whole purpose of my blog is to ‘spice up my life’ through food, I naturally added a myriad of spices to my pizza. If I tell you all the spices I used, you’d look at me crazy–but it turned out to be delicious. I suggest adding some garlic salt and Italian seasoning for some flavor.

Cooking food is one of the best activities to do on a rainy day and it lets you be creative! So if you ever need a cheap, quick, easy meal, go for the homemade pizza–it’s a crowd pleaser. But until next time, keep eating!

The Joys of Late Night Eating

As my time as a college student is coming to an end, I can proudly say I’ve learned many things. One thing (aside from what I learned in school of course) is that all college kids know how to master the art of eating between the ages of midnight and 5am. These are what we call the ‘prime hours,’–any college student could tell you. These are the times when you’ll want to have some chips or Easy Mac at hand (all that greasy food that I know you’ve bee trying to avoid).

I’m not going to lie, I am strong advocate of late night eating. While everyone says it can be one of the worst things to do for your body (but then again how else would you gain the freshman fifteen that I mentioned in an earlier post?), there is nothing I enjoy doing more than getting back from a night out and immediately stuffing my face with the worst food possible. My food of choice: pizza.

In Boston, you’ll come to find, that one of the most popular places for late night eating is T’Anthony’s (aside from 2am Dominos delivery of course). There’s something about their pizza that makes it so popular–especially within the late night crowd. The combination of the grease, cheese, and crust will satisfy your late night craving instantly. I’m a huge fan of the crust and T’ Anthony’s pizza crust has earned a spot among my favorites.

If you like classier pizza, check out Otto, a pizza place that recently opened up on Commonwealth Ave. in the heart of BU’s campus. And let me tell you, it’s not just your average pizza. One of my personal favorites is the pulled pork and mango pizza–not your typical combination, but it works! It’s on the lighter side, which I appreciate, you might end up finding yourself eating three or four slices in one sitting. If you’re ever in the area and are craving pizza, check out either one of these places! But until next time, keep eating!

My College Life Without a Kitchen–Get Ready Because it’s not Going to be Pretty

I seem to be in a throwback kind of mood this week and it got me thinking about all the food I’ve had over my four years at Boston–most of it amazing, but some of it that’s just god-awful (and leaves me wondering ‘what was I thinking??’). So here it goes.

The college experience wouldn’t be the same if no one gained weight–it’s just a fact of life. While most people gain the ‘freshman fifteen,’ I seemed to also pile on the ‘sophomore seven‘. How does this happen? It’s simple, really.  Take carb-heavy dining hall food (“sure, I’ll have more mashed potatoes and maybe a side of fries…”) and combine it with the Junk Food Wonderland that becomes part of daily existence. I must have thought that never having unlimited pizza at home justified me eating about 5 slices… I ate everything from Easy Mac, to ice cream sandwiches, to Lays, an endless amount of Dominos pizza, and quite sadly the list goes on and on. Somebody was either ordering, bringing in, going out for or in the mood for something greasy, salty, fatty or just plain BAD.  And talk about a group dynamic—all it takes is two people and suddenly, you’re outnumbered.  The idea of a salad or a turkey sandwich disappears instantly, to be replaced by a cheddar-bacon-triple-stacked Gutbuster burger and a side of fries.

Now that I have my own apartment my junk food days are behind me (or at least I tell myself that….I caved and had KFC the other week), and I have switched to a more balanced and healthier diet. While I have to admit I do get lazy and end up making frozen food, I couldn’t imagine my life if I had to rely on the dining hall for all my meals. But that’s not to say I don’t splurge and get the greasiest food known to mankind once in a while, it would be a lie if I said I didn’t. And as a bonus, I do have to say eating better has helped me drop the unwanted pounds (that, and about a zillion steps on the elliptical….). So I hope you all take the time to splurge once a while and get that greasy burger with a side of fries (that I know you all secretly want, even if you don’t admit to it)–no one is going to judge you 🙂 But until next time, keep eating!