Taco Time


If you like tacos, you need to check out this hidden gem, Pedro’s, located on Bromfield Street. Their tacos are absolutely to die for. They pride themselves on being famous for their fish taco and they sure as heck have earned it. I, with my enormous appetite, naturally ordered two tacos–I absolutely couldn’t decide between carne asada and their famous fish taco, so when in doubt I got both.

They take two corn tortillas, add flavorful, juicy steak, top it with ridiculously fresh salsa and guacamole. I was in instant heaven. After I literally devoured the carne asada taco, I moved onto their famous fish taco. Let me just say….there are hardly words. I couldn’t set the taco down. Something about the tortillas, battered cod, cabbage, salsa and fabulous aioli, left me absolutely speechless. And if both those tacos weren’t satisfying enough, their chips and side of guac will put you into an instant food coma–in a good way.


My friend from California, who heard that Pedro’s opened in Boston (and thankfully introduced me to this magical place–I don’t know how to thank her), said it made her feel like home. Well if this is what the tacos are like in California then I’m on the next plane out of Logan International Airport and never coming back. And just to give you another reason to check out this place–it’s cheap! Two tacos didn’t cost me more than ten dollars–which for a girl on a college budget is like winning the lottery. If you’re looking for insanely delicious tacos at an incredible price, you need to check out Pedro’s. But until next time, keep eating!